Our screen sharing service works right inside your browser using WebRTC technology. There is nothing to download and no need for your participants to register anywhere in order to view your screen or shared documents.


**Please note that our screen sharing service is optimized for Google Chrome - you are only able to SHARE your screen using Google CHROME on a computer. Currently screen sharing is not available on smart phone or tablet devices.**


To share your screen during a video call, simply click on the SHARE button at the top right of your Online Meeting Room during a video call.

The first time you do this a message will pop up asking you to add 'nTwine Screen Sharing' - click on 'Add Extension' and continue.


If you select 'Share Screen' you will then have the option to choose which window or application you wish to share. Simply click on the content you wish to share with your participants and this will then be displayed in place of your video image. By selecting 'Upload document' you will be able to select a file from your computer that your participants can then download from the Chat window.



For participants to be able to view your shared screen, they only need to call in via their browser as they would for a video call. They will need to have a webcam to have the screen sharing feature activated, but their video will be 'OFF' by default unless they click on the 'Video' button. Other than that, they will only need a headset or microphone and speakers to participate in the call.