Call Usage Charges

This is telecom usage charges based on usage of specific dial-in numbers or internet minutes.

Amounts are calculated by the following formula: Sum of all Call Usage, cost records then rounded to the nearest penny

You may run a report of all of your Call Usage Charges and link to the CDRs of each.


Call Usage Records

A call usage record defines the telecom charges for a specific Dial-in Number Group on a specific conference.  For every Conference and Dial-in Number Group a Call Usage record is created.

ID: is the unique identifier for a specific call usage record.

Transaction ID: Call Usage records belong to a Transaction for billing purposes.  See the Transaction section and “Call usage charge” above.

Dial-in Number Group: Each Call Usage record has a single Dial-in Number Group that it summarizes the minutes and charges for.

Minutes: Total minutes of the Dial-in Number Group on that Conference.

Chargeable Minutes: Minutes that will be charged using a per minute rate.

Rate per minute: This dollar rate per minute for that Dial-in Number Group

Cost (to customer): Chargeable Minutes* Rate per minute = Cost - Recorded to a hundredth of a cent.  

Call Detail Records

A call detail record records an individual call on a Conference.  
Minutes are calculated by rounding each Call Detail Record (CDR) up to the nearest minute.