If you are hosting a large call or online meeting and want to have a professional start, or simply need to make sure early callers don't begin the conference without you, then our Waiting Room feature is the solution.

Once this feature is turned on, the meeting will not start until the moderator has joined using their PIN or is signed in to their online portal and has joined via internet. All participants that have joined the conference will be informed that the call will start when the Moderator arrives and be held in a 'Waiting Room' hearing hold music with all participants muted.

As soon as a call Moderator joins, the music all callers were hearing will stop and all participants will then enter your conference.

You can activate this feature by going to the 'Settings' section of your account and then selecting 'Waiting Room'. Clicking on the slider so that it is colored will turn on this feature and clicking on it again so that it is grey will turn the Waiting Room off.

 Waiting Room