You may only edit the name, email address, and role of a host. To do this, click on the EDIT link next to the host name. You may promote a regular hots to an Admin, and you may remove Admin privileges from a host. Once you are done editing, you may save your changes


NOTE:  Hosts may update/change their own primary dial in number in the Settings section of their own nTwine Conferencing account. 

Admin level hosts will have a check mark next to their name. Regular hosts will have an x. You may not delete a host with Admin privileges. If you need to delete an Admin, you must first Edit their role and make them a Regular host. Once this is done, and you have refreshed the page, you will see the Delete option next to their name. 

To Delete a host, click on the Delete button and Save. 


NOTE: You must have at least one Admin assigned. If there is only one host associated with the account, that user will be the Admin by default.