There are a number of ways that participants can access your video and/or screen sharing conference call from within their browser. There is no need for them to have an account with us and there is nothing for them to download.


Please note that our Video service is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox. Currently Video calling is not available on smart phone or tablet devices.



When you have initiated an on-demand conference via the 'Start now' button on your homepage, you can have participants join your video call by sending them your unique URL that is at the bottom of your account window. Simply click on 'Copy call information' and the paste this info into a message to send to participants.


Once they have entered the link in the address bar of their Chrome browser window the following pop-up will appear (if they are not already signed up and logged into their account). They can then simply enter their name to join your video conference as a guest, or if they have an account, they can also sign in from here.



A second window will then appear asking your participant if they want to join the call by phone or Internet. Be sure that they select to 'Call by Internet' and they will then enter your Online Meeting Room.




Once they are in your 'Online Meeting Room' they can then turn on their video (unless you just want to hold an audio call), mute their line when necessary, or turn on full-screen when viewing a document you may be sharing with them by clicking 'Expand Video'.







If you have scheduled a video conference call, the easiest way for your participants to join is by clicking on the 'Join Conference' link from within their email invitation at the planned start time. As long as invitees join the conference from the Internet, rather than dialing in by phone, they'll be able to access the video functionality.




An on-demand video conference call can also be initiated by pasting your unique conference URL into your web browser. This same link can be used by all your participants.

This link can be found at the bottom of your account homepage. Simply click on the 'Copy' button to add this information to your clipboard. You can then paste this into an email, chat or text message to send to participants.




Using the dedicated Connect interface, as the host of the call you have the option to add participants by clicking the menu button at the top right of the call window and selecting 'Add Participants'. This feature automatically sends an invite via email to your chosen contact lickety-split, so they can hop on the call the moment they’re needed.