**Please note, this feature is only available if it is part of your subscription plan.  Please check with your Company Administrator to ensure you have access to it.**

If you’re meeting using the phone, be sure to call in as Moderator by using your Moderator PIN instead of the Access Code (this can be found via the 'Help' section at the bottom right of your account page, or also in the 'Settings' section under 'Moderator PIN'), push *9 to start or to pause an audio recording. Note: when joining by phone you will only be able to record the audio portion.

If you’re holding a call via the web, the recording button is located within the Menu on the top right of your Online Meeting Room. In your online meeting room, you can choose if you want to record audio only or record an online meeting. By selecting online meeting your recording will include your video feed and screen sharing. To start or pause a recording – simply click on 'Record'.

Note: All calls that are recorded are automatically transcribed after each call so you have a detailed transcription of your call. This can be found in your past conferences tab along with your recordings. 

How to Schedule a Call to Record Automatically

Note: Recording automatically currently only works with recording audio. If you want to record an online meeting you'll need to do it in the dashboard at the time of your meeting.

You can set it up to automatic audio record by checking the box at the bottom of the first page of the scheduling process and then Schedule your call as normal. You can check if your call has been set to record in the 'Upcoming' calls section. If you see 'Record' visible in the top left then your call is set to record.

With this feature activated, there is no need for the Host to intervene to start the recording, and the recording will end once all callers hang up. When participants enter your call they will hear a voice prompt informing them that the call is being recorded. It is also possible to pause and restart the recording during the conference if you wish.

*NOTE: Please be sure that participants do not call in more than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the call, otherwise a new conference will be started and it will not automatically record.