STEP #1: Linking to your YouTube Account

From Settings > Recording & Live Streaming > Toggle On

 • To do this you will need the following from your YouTube Account:

 • Stream Name/Key

 • Share URL


Where to find your name/key & share URL in your YouTube Account:


 • Open YouTube on your browser

 • Sign in to your YouTube channel

 • Click your brand icon at the top right of the screen

 • Click my channel > creators studio > live streaming > start a live stream

 • This will start a live stream for you. You can name your steam, add a description, pick a category and choose if you want the steam to be public or private.

 • Below this you will find the “Encoder Setup” this is your “stream name key” and “server or stream URL.”


Note: From time to time YouTube will update these settings, so it is suggested that you confirm these details before each live streaming event.

Live Streaming


STEP #2: Share your livestream link with participants

  • Provide the link above with your 'channel name'
  • We recommend adding it to your invitations and suggest it as an alternative option for 'overflow' if you are expecting you may exceed the maximum total of 100 participants.

STEP #3: Now you are ready to Live Stream!


  • Start an Online Meeting from your account dashboard
  •  Click the Circle 'Record' icon in the top toolbar
  •  Select 'Record Video' and ensure the checkbox 'Live Stream Video' is selected.
  • This will start a live stream on your YouTube Channel (NOTE: This will only appear if you have entered your YouTube credentials)

*This feature is only available to a moderator

Start Recording