Using industry-leading SmartSearch technology, Cue™ brings the notion of virtual conferencing into the future. With every meeting that is recorded, our system will automatically provide transcription and keyword tags which can be found within the meeting summary in your account.




Receive automatic transcriptions after your conference has concluded, including speaker tags and time/date stamps, giving you a permanently stored written record of all of your conferences.




Using the specialized Auto Tag feature, your meeting summaries will be tagged with commonly used words. Based on learning natural language, Cue filters and selects words that were repeated regularly during the meetings. Essentially, it records and tags your trends in speech, for more comprehensive data post-conference.



While Cue™ automatically transcribes your recording, it also distinguishes common topics frequently addressed in conversation, Auto Tagging your meeting summaries for an easy search. This means you can scour your entire database within seconds, using our predictive search assist. Historical meeting information, such as recordings, summaries, and transcriptions are stored indefinitely using cloud technology.



How can this technology help your organization?

 Let's say you have a long meeting discussing a number of topics. When you visit the summary of the call, you will immediately see the 'auto tags' which show you the most often talked about words and topics of that meeting. This will help to quickly bring you up to speed with what was discussed, even if you are viewing the details months or even years later.


The transcription will give you more detailed insight into the general points of discussion. For example, if you want to find the point in your recording where the budget was discussed, just type in 'budget' in the search field and all the times that word was mentioned in the meeting will be shown. You will then see exactly where in the recording that was brought up and skip forward to listen to only the part you need to hear.