Brainstorm and collaborate on design ideas, draw diagrams on the fly so people can see what you are thinking and annotate documents. All within your Online Meeting Room in real time.

While in the online meeting room, to open the blank whiteboard to share your ideas, just click on the 'DRAW' icon in the top menu.

A blank whiteboard will appear with the toolbar on the left.
All participants will be able to see the whiteboard and any changes made, as they happen.
To close the whiteboard feature, just click on the 'Draw' icon once more.

To use with a document, just upload a file into the chat and click on 'present'. No need to click on the whiteboard tool in the top menu, it will be available to use with any and all shared documents. The toolbar will appear by default on the left hand side. Just use your mouse to draw or add graphics and text as required. After 10 seconds, if the tool is not used it will become hidden. Simply click in the main window to activate it once more.

To annotate during screen sharing:

1. Click SHARE

2. Choose an application or Chrome tab to share (NOT your entire desktop)

3. Return to the meeting room window

4. Move mouse to activate the menu

5. Click on the pen icon on the top left-hand menu

To save your whiteboard images at any time, just click on the download icon in the toolbar and a png file will appear in the chat for you or any of your conference participants to download and use as required.

You will also be able to find any saved whiteboard screenshots within your account via the 'Past' calls section, in the 'documents' tab.