There are a number of ways that participants can access your video and/or screen sharing conference call from within their browser. There is no need for them to have an account with us and there is nothing for them to download.

**Our screen sharing service is optimized for use with the Google Chrome browser on a computer. Download our Desktop App if you don't have this**

  1. START NOW - If you wish to initiate an on-demand conference via the "Start" button on your homepage, you can have participants join your video call by sending them your unique URL that is at the top of your account window. It will look like this, with your designated Access Code at the end:
    1. Click(or click on the link itself) to copy this to your clipboard.
    2. Paste this info into a message to send to participants.

  2. SCHEDULE - If you have scheduled a video conference call, the easiest way for your participants to join is by clicking on the 'Join online meeting' link from within their email invitation at the planned start time. As long as invitees join the conference from the internet, rather than dialling in by phone, they'll be able to access the screen sharing functionality.
    1. Note that in the email invitation, there is also a link to run a connection test for participants, so that they can verify they have the required software and hardware to be able to join the call via internet. They only need to click on the link labeled: “Test your device before the call” and a new window will open - simply follow the instructions.

  3. DURING A CALL - Using the Online Meeting Room, as the host of the call you have the option to add participants during an ongoing call using one of two methods.
    1. Sending an invitation by adding participants
      1. Click on the right side of the meeting room page to open Chat
      2. Click the tab at the top
      3. Click the invite iconto invite additional participants
      4. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite in the pop up window
      5. Click 

    2. Manually sending conference details
      1. Click Conference Details
      2. In the pop up window you can either clickor just copy the url under 'Online Meeting Room'.
      3. Paste the details or url in an email/sms to your participants 

Once your participants have entered the link in the address bar of their Chrome browser window the following pop-up will appear. They can then simply enter their preferred name to join your video or web conference as a guest, or if they have an account, they can also sign in from here.

On the next window they will have the option to call in via the internet ( 'Internet'), via phone (' Phone'), or to simply view your conference online without audio ('View only'). If you want to hold a video conference/screen share, they can select 'Internet' to allow their microphone and speakers to engage.

Once they are in your 'Online Meeting Room' they can share their screen by clicking the “SHARE” button at the top of the page. Participants can also activate full screen when viewing a document you may be sharing with them by clicking 'Expand' or 'Full Screen' (just under the main menu at the top of the screen).