How-to Add The Callbridge Application To Microsoft Teams

  1. Ensure you are both a Callbridge AND Teams Administrator to complete the install.
  2. Verify that you and any additional hosts are using the same email address for both the Callbridge and Teams accounts.
  3. In your Teams dashboard, click the three dots on the left side menu.
  4. Search 'Callbridge' and select the Callbridge icon to go to the 'bot's' channel.

  5. Start a direct conversation with the bot by typing 'connect' in the Callbridge integration chat and follow the steps to connect your company account.

  6. Collaborate seamlessly with Callbridge on Teams!

How-to Use Callbridge with Teams

Start a conference call or online meeting with video and instant screen sharing by using the "@callbridge start " command in your Teams conversations.

To make full use of the Callbridge application within Teams, you will need to add the Callbridge app to your Team, Channel or Chat.

For support with setting up your Microsoft Teams integration,
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