This feature is not available with all subscriptions - check with your account admin if you don't have access to Webinars.

  1. You and your panelists can join the webinar up to 15 minute before the scheduled start time. Use the meeting link in your email invite, or click 'Join now!' from the 'Upcoming webinars' section of your account.

  2. Before your webinar begins, attendees who have already opened the viewer link will see a message informing them when the webinar is due to start.

  3. Once you have joined the webinar meeting room and all your panelists are present and ready to begin the webinar, click  'Start broadcasting' in the banner at the top of the meeting room window.

  4. Invite Attendees: at any time before or after you have started broadcasting your webinar, you can find the attendee link to share for attendees to view your webinar by clicking on 'Broadcast' and 'Copy link'

  5. Invite Panelists: Select 'Invite' from the bottom toolbar
    1. Click 'Copy meeting invite'. Paste this information into an email or other messaging application to send to anyone else you want to be able to participate in the webinar as a panelist.
    2. Or click the email icon next to any of your existing contacts to send them an invitation via email.

  6. Open the participant list to view Attendees watching your webinar in real time.

  7. Pause or end the webinar at any time by clicking on the 'Broadcast' button in the bottom toolbar. Ending the meeting will also end the webinar.