In the Dial-In Numbers section of your Admin console, you will find listed all the dial-in numbers available with your account, along with any 'custom' numbers that are assigned specifically to your organization.

Add a new custom number

In the Dial-In Numbers section, select 'Request Dial-In Number' and fill out the form that is displayed. We will then professionally record a greeting for you and add this to your new number.

  • Custom Dial-In Numbers will be accessible to anyone within your organization and will play your custom greeting to when people call in.

  • Custom numbers start at $5.00 USD/custom dial-in number per month and will be included as an 'Add-On' to your regular subscription each month.

  • We can provide numbers from almost any city worldwide, let us know what you need and we can confirm pricing and availability.

  • If you prefer to use a greeting that you have recorded yourself, just mention this when you order the new number.

  • Currently, it is only possible to have one custom greeting per 'Locale'.

  • For details on how to manage your custom greeting, please see the following support article: Managing Your Custom Greeting