In the Greetings section of the Admin portal, you will be able to manage the audio files for your Custom Greeting. 

Choose the locale of the greeting. (for example, choosing en-US means that the set of prompts that accompanies your greeting has an American US voice and wording. There are currently four choices:  en-US, en-GB, en-AU, and en-DE. You may have only one greeting per locale.

 These files must be MP3 files. Locate the appropriate file and either drag and drop it into the specified area or upload it from your files. Once it is ready, you may play it back to confirm it is there.

 You may delete and upload a new greeting at any time. It will be effective immediately after saving it.

Remember: Your custom greeting will only play on your custom number(s). Any additional dial in numbers that are part of a subscription plan will play the standard greeting. To add additional custom numbers, contact your nTwine Conferencing representative.